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Come and enjoy the taste of maqui and other wild fruits!

Get to know first-hand the history of our venture, linked to Mapuche culture and family tradition.


Maqueo Sabores Étnicos is a female family microenterprise of Mapuche origin dedicated to the elaboration of foods based on wild fruits, collected in a sustainable way and in participation with the community of the native forests of lake Maihue, in Maqueo, lands of the maqui.


Gladis Lefin, together with her daughter Claudia Manquepillan, form this enterprise that holds within its deepest soul the treasure of southern Chile: its people and its Nature. Families of effort, fauna that flits free, water made rain, tributary and lake, the land that cradles the most beautiful buds, the pure air and the intense aroma of wild fruits.

The base of the products delivered is collected by women, always in community, in a sustainable way with both human and natural environment.


To develop and offer rich, healthy, 100% natural foods based on wild fruits, maintaining a high standard of quality, family tradition and rescue of the Mapuche culture.


Promote our culture and healthy eating through our products, transforming us into the female company of Mapuche origin, leader in the elaboration of natural and gourmet foods with high nutritional value.


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